The Todays Imaginations are Futures Inventions

Could you imagine that our devices could listen to what we are talking about and react depending on what we say? Imagine also that we have GPS, not in our smartphones or our smartwatches, but implemented in our body, that could guide us to reach the goals that we are aiming to reach! Imagine a mechanism that helps us evaluate chops and supermarkets with our emotions, just like google Map evaluation, could that be possible?

Everybody has nowadays minimal one electronic device, it could be a phone, watch, laptop, or even vacuum cleaner. These devices are invented to make our life easier, so whatever it does it seeks to make our life easier and more productive. It uses Artificial intelligence from what we write and what we do with them – previous actions – to meet correct decisions, which could save cost and time. So the next step would be using the sounds to realize what they should do depending on Artificial intelligence (AI). So, when you are talking with your children that they should sleep early because they have exams the next day, the light will or the room will be slowly dark, or with a sleepy color, so that could help your child to organize their time. Or it could be used in marketing to help you get just the discounts or the advertisement of what you are seeking to have or what you are planning to buy in the future. This could be an invasion of our privacy, but it would be controlled with protocols and government worldwide agreements. In this path, our privacy is already invaded by the social media devices like Facebook, and some devices, that have all our information and use some of what we write to help governments’ decisions.

Temperature Detection and reaction is an example of implementing this mechanism. So, we do not need to manipulate or readjust our devices depending on the temperature, however, it detects it automatically and reacts depending on the results.

We have heard about the Heart implementing, or Artificial Heart implementation, it could be used to implement many devices or many features to the human body. This will help in increasing our production and will facilitate many things in humans’ life development. So, instead of having always a smartphone or smartwatch, you could have implemented a chip in your body, or programmed waves to your mind, which will allow you to navigate easily and recognize the places with their names. It could help the parents to follow their children, so they could ensure that they are in a safe place, and doing well. This will help us travel freely and easily, for example, you could travel to a new city and know every place easily, go shopping and visit the city without missing the road to your home.

Imagine that you could unintentionally evaluate a restaurant depending on the service you became, just like the google map evaluation. Instead of using the device and not writing the truth about that restaurant or chop, your body will send the emotions or feelings to a cloud server, which will be saved for other people to read it. This will help to get better services and also will help us get the right reviews when we are searching for the right places. This could be implemented just as the GPS mechanism that I have talked about above.