Imagination for better and faster development and improvement

Do you know that amazon in 2022 have 1608000 workers, imagine that we could reduce this number by inventing robots. could the price be lower could we get better service? What about a help center that could convince customers to buy from you? Do you think that our technology is safe and could stay for many years forward? what if there was a nation, that reached the level that we are having now? for some reason, could be falcons or earthquakes or any natural disaster that destroyed all that they made.

Nowadays we see many inventions which help many people achieve their tasks easily. What if we could make robots that fight instead of us, cock instead of us, drive instead of us or even think instead of us. it is not impossible, because when you think of searching for many advanced topics in milliseconds this was impossible 50 years ago. So instead of thinking what do you have to do the robot could do that for you. And by the way, the robot’s decision would be better than humans’ decisions since many developed and perfect algorithms. Robots in a few years in the future will be used in cars for driving them, as many car companies talk. It could be that the help center is not a human it could be a qualified robot. In our example, Amazon will not need to have many employees, this will affect the product prices and also the working chances.

But there is a problem that many people say if we developed a robot or a system that could think and develop itself, in clone his self. Then it could be that this robot would learn falsely that humans are his enemy and will try to fight him. So this could be a problem of development and could not stop developing and improving.

Another imagination is technology lifetime. How long will this technology stay? is it possible that it could one day disappear? in many nations like the pharaoh where they build the pyramids. It could be that they have built a very smart technology that has been for many possible reasons disappeared, and just the pyramids remained. We should learn from that that we have to have a secure way of saving the knowledge that we have nowadays. so that the next generation could benefit from this and build upon them. Imagine if we knew how had been the pyramids built, this would help us in building wonderful houses at a lower cost.

Do you think that there is nations in other planets? such as Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Mars? Even if we visited Mars and we did not find anybody, they could be invisible to our eyes strength, such as Engel and evil many people think they are existing in our planet, however we do not see them. They could be humans on other planets or they could be other nations. They could have many methods of living, different ways of transport, and many other technologies that would need many decades from us to reach. What if could borrow these technologies from them or could learn from them? …