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Nested HTML tags

Nested Tags in HTML

In this post we will learn what do we mean with Nested HTML tags and how to create them.

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Nested Tag Video

Normal HTML Example

HTML elements can be nested (elements can contain elements). In addition, all HTML documents consist of nested HTML elements. This example contains four HTML elements:

 <!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Header 1</h1>
<p>Sample paragraph.</p>

Nested Tag Example:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p> This is the <h2>Nested Tag Example  from <br>
 <a href="" ></a> website </h2></p>

In the previous example we have created nested tag example which is like the following:

First of all, we created HTML normal code html , body and closing tags. But the most important part in our example is the content inside the paragraph <p>:

<p> This is the <h2>Nested Tag Example  from <br/>
 <a href="" ></a> website </h2></p>

That code which is in <p> means we have text inside the paragraph <p> which is ” This is the”.

Then we added the header 2 tag <h2> inside the paragraph with text ” Nested Tag Example from “

Next we have added the break line tag <br/> that print new line.

After that, we added link tag <a> which create our link to “” inside <h2> and inside <p>.

Finally, we closed each tag we have created like the following text “</a> website </h2></p>”.

So that what we mean with nested tags.

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