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HTML Quotation Tags | lesson 11 HTML Tutorial

In This Lesson you will learn how to deal with quotation tags like blockquote, q, address, bdom and abbr.

All those tags are used to deal with text formatting but for different purpose.

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HTML <q> for Short Quotations

The HTML <q> element defines a short quotation. Browsers usually insert quotation marks around the <q> element.


 <p>This Example: <q>This is the quoted text.</q></p> 

HTML <blockquote> for Quotations

The HTML <blockquote> element defines a section that is quoted from another source. Browsers usually indent <blockquote> elements.


<p><blockquote>This is a quoted text block, so you could use it to quote block text</blockquote></p>

HTML <abbr> for Abbreviations

The HTML <abbr> element defines an abbreviation or an acronym.

Also, Marking abbreviations can give useful information to browsers, translation systems and search-engines.


  <p>The <abbr title="World Wide Web">WWW</abbr> is the abbreviation for world Wide Web</p>  

HTML <address> for Contact Information

The HTML <address> element defines contact information (author/owner) of a document or an article. The <address> element is usually displayed in italic. Most browsers will add a line break before and after the element.

Written by Mofreh.<br>
Visit us at:<br><br>

HTML <bdo> for Bi-Directional Override

The HTML <bdo> element defines bi-directional override. T

Therefore the <bdo> element is used to override the current text direction.

For Example:

 <bdo dir="rtl">This text will be written from right to left</bdo>

Note: The previous code effect will happen because of the <bdo> tag. Otherwise if the dir attribute is in normal paragraph it will not show the same result.

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