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Adobe premiere pro cs6 vs final cut x free download

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[Adobe premiere pro cs6 vs final cut x free download

Deciding between Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro X and Avid for pro be to download the free trial of each app, cut something on it. Premiere Pro runs on Mac OS X and Windows workstations and laptops, while Final Cut Pro X is a Mac-only product. The biggest consideration is. Both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X prove to be capable and highly powerful pieces of software. If you’re looking for a faster, simpler.


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Very interesting test — So much for all the hype around Premiere.. Apple made a good choice by changing how we edit. This is the future. I also edit on a MacPro. Alex, you do great stuff!! Since And once you go CUDA things look just a stitch different my friend:.

Pingback: Final Cut Sunday! Miguel Cobo. One thing to note here can be the quality of encodes, with blur there is not much to compare. Its pretty fast too! I think this is a totally fair test! A lot of iMacs have been deployed with Radeon chipsets and they make fantastic editorial machines, despite their lack of the ability to swap cards. But for the many of us who have bought and deployed iMacs in a professional capacity over the past few years, this was a good comparison.

So any other results are moot. I just see the smart-ass kiddies without a clue roaming the forums now pointing to this article with a nyeh nyeh nyeh attitude, whilst making both themselves and FCP X users as a whole look like morons. So which one are you then? It says that on the best iMac available in the summer of — with the inherent configuration limitations that Apple imposed then — Final Cut Pro X has at least caught up with Premiere.

In practice the philosophical difference between the applications is much more important than their speed. During day to day editing tasks, all NLEs are fast enough on almost any computer.

You can test this point by imagining how much of a speed difference would be needed for you to switch. I think the speed difference would have to be at least 20 times for me, which is probably the same for those happy with Premiere.

You may even skip that process and just take out the GPU supported cards list before starting Premiere. It seems only fair to test GPU enabled filters on both apps, if you want to compare apples with apples. Also, you could use modern codecs, like one of the ones a Sony, or Panasonic camera would output. QuickTime is pretty passe now. Apple is not developing QuickTime any more. And which cameras shoot QuickTime? Just saying.

When you say P2 are you referring to the card? Or the file type? It was frustrating. I desperately wanted a Final Cut Studio 4. A revolutionary editing system that is very progressive and bold. I bought it, tried it and went back to 7. It is getting better and better though. I have friends who use it and like it.

I am sure I will give it another try at some point. The problem is that, when it came out, it simply was not a replacement for FCP 7. Just a different way of editing, I wanted FCP 8 essentially. So I messed around with the Avid MC5. MC6 is a huge improvement and is one of the best editing platforms out there. Keeping up to speed on it for me is essential, even though it is not something I use professionally right now. MC6 finally opening up to 3rd party plug ins is a huge step for it.

I tested out Premiere CS5. This was about 6 months ago and I was still using FCP 7 after trying the other systems as described above and needed to find a replacement I was happy with.

I can even mix 24p and 25p on the same timeline. One of the projects I am editing currently is a documentary with epic, F3, a f,5dmk2 footage all on the same timeline, all native. It works. Yeah the 5k stuff struggles on my laptop and I have to drop resolution, but you can do it. The rest of the stuff works beautifully. Of course not. I am always watching what is going on. For now, CS6 is the best editing system for me. Is it for you? I cannot say! It depends on your needs!

FCP X is revolutionary in its design and will I am sure become a great platform. MC6 is a powerhouse and used all over the industry. CS6 though, and in particular with the production premium suite, gives you integration with After Effects and much more. Premiere CS6 on its own is incredible for me.

CS6 since I have only used it vs CS 5. I would be curious to hear if there are compelling reasons to switch. Vegas Pro is great. It really does get much less attention then it deserves. The only reason I ever feel the need to switch to a different NLE is because not enough people use Vegas. Interacting with clips on a timeline is a much more kinetic and visual experience then anything Ive seen on any other platform. Good heavens that sounds tedious! As an editor its fantastic, and very very streamlined.

Vegas was born out of music mixing software. But you will still want to use After Effects for all the heavier things. Song Vegas has always had some sort of a reason for me not to use it. Kind of like an upgraded imovie for PC users, maybe? Alex Bee. What lack of pro features in particular would you be referring to? I used to work with Premier before Vegas and just got sick of the clunky interface. Vegas has so many third party plug-ins now and a lot of amazing pro effects can be given to videos.

I was an early adopter in the home recording studio craze, and became proficient in Cubase, Cakewalk Sonor and Vegas 1, which was then called Vegas Audio video was added 2. At version 3. It was the only video editing software around that seemed to train the user by just staring at it. All of these things, hardware and software alike, are simply tools. Nothing beats mileage, diving in, and getting some working experience under your belt. Vegas rocked in this regard.

Philip, welcome to the Premiere party! FCP X is massively cheaper. The big deal about being able to edit various formats in the CS6 timeline. And if it is optimizing media, it does it on the fly. I get the feeling that a few years down the line, editing programs are going to look more like FCPX and less like CS6. CS6 works with multi format and frame rate timelines without any transcoding, FCPx cannot do that, real time playback with effects on and fantastic integration with AE.

Hmm, I used FCPX on a job the other day with multi formats not frame rates and it worked really well without converting to Prores. Never put a grade and graphics on the footage though so not sure how it would have coped with that. Also, the syncing and multicam in FCPX is very nice. I hear that pro editing facilities are moving more towards FCPX. That CS6 is still only a product for home editors. Just a correction: FCP X does work with multiple formats and frame rates — even in multicam!

The integration with Motion is very good and the ability to create your own titles, transitions and effects in Motion for instant use in FCP X is superb.

Adobe will also honor my previous patronage with a substantial upgrade discount. I entirely agree! FC is Okaaay, but all you get is Final Cut. Or, the Production Premium box from 5. Also, pro editing facilities are not at all moving toward X.

The opposite is true though, many of them are moving toward Adobe or Avid as these apps suite their needs better at this point in time; while I see FCPX picked up primarily by home editors and new editors.

Always good to know both, and even beyond those 2 if you can! Open up as many possibilities as you can for future work. You are comparing student discounts and yearly subscriptions after buying a previous very expensive version to a full paid, bought and lifetime ownership. My accountant would frown on that logic. An important thing to keep in mind with subscription is it usually better tax wise to be including that subscription as a business expense than captializing the cost of outright product.

Not to mention the annual cost of upgrades is almost as much as the subscription cost. Thanks for this article Philip! Always appreciate your honest opinions. I have been using Final Cut since but with all the changes over the past year, I have been giving heavy consideration as to where I should go to next.

One question though. My editing computer is an iMac from It would probably be best to upgrade the computer as well, yes? Thank you. Granted these 4 year old machines might have been very expensive powerhouses in their day, however I have seen many people mention that they are cutting on 3 year old Macs with CS6 without any major issues. Obviously it depends on your content and time frame. I have a Mac Pro 1,1 model tail end of the original models quad core 3.

As well as noticable lag when editing in multicam. Actually, even just going from one video to another in a non-muticam but multi-track sequence, while in play mode causes major disturbance in the videos. I have the playback resolutions turned all the way down. I was expecting better performance with Premiere but these systems are getting old quick, especially with the advent of HD content everywhere.

A quad core is 2 times faster than my machine from blogs that I have seen and that is not including GPU support. Luckily my workflow right now, allows me to experiment like I am now or leave the machine running overnight to get to the next point.

So a new machine is not in the picture for now. I purchased this machine last year after shelving my PowerPC G5. Thanks for your statement. IMovie was actually upgraded for iLife to test what the Final cut X would eventually perfect. It does need to be noted that software quality and difficulty are to very different things. Plus, it integrates so well with After Effects for color correction and footage fixes. The main reason I switched is NO transcoding.

That really sucked on FCP 7 and would take up so much space. With Premier, just take the original clip for editing then export the project to After Effects for grading.

I have heard the latest Final Cut X revision is pretty good though. It may have a nice interface, but I think it really lacks power under the hood for what I do anyway. I find Premiere to be an exciting new option, but I think I would be giving up a lot.

But I appreciate your review! Hi Philip, I really enjoyed reading this! I find myself in the exact same situation. Definitely going to have a look at Premiere Pro CS6. And dragged the clips into the end of the time line just before the marker got there and it carried on playing…………………. After using Premiere make a cut …………render……adjust a clip length ………………….. Newtek have stopped making the VT product line now to get anything like it you have to drop serious cash on a Tricaster setup but while I can not stream live HD footage unlike the Tricasters I can still edit in any format I wish at pretty much any resolution.

Oh it was Newtek who invented desk top editing after all. After editing several projects on PP CS5. I loved a lot of things about PP CS5. My biggest issue was the way they handle actions. I had such terrible monitoring issues with PP 5. I just want one simple workflow that works for me and my clients. After briefly going insane for real! Much as I almost wanted to hate it and swear off Adobe forever, it was just a million times better than CS4. If Adobe can pull off two rock-solid releases in a row, their honor will be mostly restored.

Will I upgrade? I am a little worried where Apple may be headed. It seems like I continually hear more examples indicating that they may be veering further and further away from the professional market. I guess it makes sense though. I mean how much money do they really make from their professional segment compared to its consumer products? Are they going to abandon them? I was just sad to hear this if it may be true.

I hope not. Have any of you guys heard such a thing? Retina portable was recently released. Only a prosumer or professional would even be interested in Thunderbolt. Portability is the future of professional editing for many reasons. Had a chance to look at CS6 today, really nice interface, though one a my bugs well two have not been sorted. This could be me or has anyone else ever noticed, the end grade in PPr is never quite the same as the finalised exported file.

For example an edit in PPr with footage say in ProRes then graded and exported to a master ProRes QT movie file through Media Encoder is always a half stop or stop lighter than the edit as viewed in the viewer window in PPr. FCPX is a great tool in certain aspects but a pig in others, but at the end of the day the final graded master produced by FCPX is a far cleaner image than produced by PPr.

They ran tests and reported that it was indeed QT being the culprit. There was a learning curve and there still is but the people at Adobe added a FCP 7 preset for the keyboard controls which was nice of them.

No more transcoding and I can just drag and drop a clip into a new sequence and it will auto-recognize it! Doing any sort of graphics or color in FCP 7 was always cumbersome so I normally just exported the sequence without graphics and then worked on it in After Effects. Unfortunately my experience has been riddled with user interface aggravations and bugs and this is an abridged version. Let me be CLEAR in stating that I have sent emails and consulted the forums for many of these issues but have found only a few threads to be of help.

That being said, I have spent more time researching fixes for Premiere Pro than any other piece of software that I have ever owned except for the first time I tried to install Doom 95 on my very first computer! I understand that every piece of software has bugs and there are bugs unique to your system and setup. I am currently running a new Macbook Pro 2. My OS is Lion. It may because I am running dual screens but the windows that I save in my workspace presets like to do strange things when I like to open that preset.

Often, they will become fullscreen underneath all of the other windows so that I cannot access some of the buttons. Sneaky little devils! A lot. I would say, -more accurately- it has mood swings. Sometimes it will crash multiple times per day for three or four days straight. Sometimes it will be good for a week. Maybe I need to play it a little Barry White and light some candles… you know… show it that I care. Thank goodness it autosaves when crashing or else I would have switched to something else a long time ago!

It will change the values if your mouse is over them. I have times where I will throw in a. Gotta love how deep and manly my talent sounds. Also, it will make frames skip and this is after making sure all of the sequence settings are consistent. I then found out after letting the computer sit for about fifteen minutes the audio would return to normal… Premiere Pro is like if Bob Ross and HAL had a love child.

I hope it got better in CS6. Despite this, dynamic link is very needed and hopefully with some tweaking, Adobe can start giving Autodesk Smoke a run for their money. The dropdown folders are tiny little devil children.

You have to move the mouse off of the icon, move it back and then click again. It will work if I play media in Quicktime but not in Premiere Pro. No breaks! In After Effects you can pick vibrant colors to differentiate them easier. I like that! Premiere Pro, you cruel mistress! In this line of work, dependability is important to me. The Adobe Premiere Pro that I work on today will be different tomorrow and different the next day.

How can I reconcile this relationship? Plus, she has all of my CDs in her car. I need editing software that is reliable. While Premiere Pro may have a ton of great features have a generally easy-to-use interface, I would gladly go back to FCP 7 if I still had it.

I hope the rest of you have not had this experience with Premiere Pro. I am trying really hard to make it my software of choice but it keeps giving me reasons to look elsewhere. An extra note: I also wish Adobe would re-analyze their forums and help pages.

Adobe needs some major work on their SEO. To Kaj points I would express my greatest concern. I love the its flexibility with varying file formats, and the fact that its cross platform. That said, I have found that historically there is are generally a large number of unresolved bugs and crashes within the features of Premiere. Also to Kaj point, often the support by Adobe is lacking in regards to the feedback they are are able to provide for bugs. That said, choose your weapon… and poison.

Is there any consensus on this point? Cost in the UK. The difference in cost between US and UK is sickening and makes me mad at adobe every time I revisit it. I am now happy with FCP X and the way it is developing, I love the management of files now I understand how to use it….