Imagine your future! your presence was oneday an Imagination

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  • Post published:December 5, 2022
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Do you know that in some ages people used to register all data that you see today by hand? everything from the content of books, to the name of cities and traditions.? Could you imagine how the google search engine helped us in reaching the information when we seek it? what is the next step for online searching? do you know that before we made the industries to create thousands of tellers in one day, we used to create each dish separately with our hands? and you spend your whole day on two plates, one of which could be broken while you deliver it to cities for selling!

People in the past used to write every think with their hands over stones or over papers, so they do not lose it. today we use the same way but in a better way that could not be deleted or destroyed easily. The Chinese Nation was the first nation that invented papers and write on them. Then came the development of this mechanism, to phones, tablets, and so on. we could now save whatever we want from sound videos or writing cloudy. We could save also the smell and it would not be a big problem. So it could happen in the next ten Years. Imagine that you could save your feeling or your expression that you could not express it in words and save it for your families member or send it to your friends. This Feeling could be recognized by the receiver devices and could be converted to the meaning you wanted.

Google now is the fastest way for searching and getting the right answer in an incredible way. This method is helping mankind to develop fastly. So, instead of searching for information for 2 days in books and through libraries, you could search for the same problem or issue just in 10 seconds. Imagine that you could search for some information without writing anything just by thinking about it. It could happen through sending neural signals or special waves from your brain to your device so that your tablet or laptop could retrieve your answer fast and perfectly. sometimes you wanna search for something but you do not remember the right words or expressions. Imagine that you could control all the instructions that you make nowadays with your in laptops just with your mind signals. So you could write a post or move your mouse while you are holding your baby and searching for some new clothes and filtering them without any instructions or movement. You could copy and paste, add and delete a text, or edit complex video graphics just with your brain waves or signals or something in this range.

Have you heard about 3d printing? Did you know that today we could create dishes more than what a 1000 man could create in just one day? There are many industries that use technology to double their implementation and production. But nowadays we have a new invention which is 3D printing. This mechanism enables you to print whatever you want in your home just by happing a device for making that. Whether this shape is physical, complex, or just a dish. It could create this shape fastly, accurately and at the lowest price. But what would be the next step for this mechanism? would it make so complex devices such as guns, or could it create some devices just like it, so they could clone them selfs? could we use it to create what we imagine? or could the police use it to print or draw automatically the faces of the suspended people?