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Browning argon feeder 3 90 free download

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Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Ai cumparat acest produs? However, there has been no change to the strength that Z8 poles have always been famous for! This is tough and long-lasting pole that will survive many years of hard use. Never before has such a combination of high performance and advanced features been available at this price.

Fully section compatible with current and previous Xitan Power poles. Xitan Advance Z Xitan Power Upgrade Pack Upgrade pack suitable for all Xitan poles which provides extra strength when needed, and for margin fishing. The Xitan Z is light, stiff, strong and long-lasting, and we believe that it offers unrivalled quality and performance in its price range.

The Xitan Z is offered However the pole is designed to be a full 16m, so a further extension is available if required. For many anglers a high quality Xitan Xtreme Margin 9. All sections have increased wall strength and visible reinforcing, yet the Xtreme Margin still weighs less than gr at 8.

Every section of the Xtreme Margin is fully compatible with all current and previous Browning Xitan poles so it is the perfect summer partner other poles in the Xitan range.

Due to its excellent performance parameters, it is the ideal pole when fishing for larger fish in the margins. It has enough power to keep every fish away from dangerous obstacles in the water. Yet it proves to be a lightweight that allows hours of fatigue-free fishing without any problems. The poles set themselves apart with unprecedented lightness and speed combined with incredible robustness that can easily stand up to even monster specimens.

With this unique alliance of easy handling and strength, the DL poles are sure to capture the imagination of carp pole anglers as well as all anglers seeking a unique pole for every imaginable situation on the water.

DL stands for Dual Length. To account for the maximum permitted full lengths on many carpodromes or commercials, all poles in the series are designed to allow them to be fished at lengths of precisely Since the pole already extends to a full length of The 2ex-S Competition Carp DL is aimed, as the name suggests, at anglers who fish regular matches on commercial fisheries and need a pole that can meet the toughest demands.

Our testers were certainly impressed. Numerous matches were won with the Competition Carp DL during testing. Since the pole is already very long due to the new 3m Top Kits, a short butt section is sufficient to reach exactly 13 m. The 2ex-S Match Carp DL is aimed at anglers who regularly like to stalk big fish without breaking the bank.

The new 3m Top Kit is equipped with Duo Bush in the tip and Sidepuller inserts at the end of the kit. Hypercarp Competition FDL Since no mini-extensions are required, which have a negative impact on pole action, the FDL poles set themselves apart with an inimitable harmonious action and good balance. Combined with their uncompromising strength, the poles in this series are the ultimate weapon when it comes to larger fish such as carp.

Try them for yourself and you are sure to be impressed. These have two functions. On the other hand, they offer a new level of comfort for hours of fatigue-free fishing. With their square shape and foam padding, your elbow can rest comfortably and securely on the extension without slipping.

However, you can also wrap your hand around the slender, round pole blank for precise guidance. The Hyper Carp Competition FDL is a true match pole that particularly comes into its own in tough conditions, helping you to set yourself apart from the competition.

These also effectively protect the ends of the individual pole sections against unwanted pushing together and deformity. When there are plenty of big fish about and you need to bag, the FDL feels just right and comes into its own. Hyperdrome XST The Hyperdrome XST is the perfect pole for anglers who seek extreme adventure and want to break through the barriers of what was previously possible in pole fishing.

With the Hyperdrome, monster carp, big sturgeon or chunky catfish are no longer a problem. All poles in the Hypercarp range are specialist poles specifically designed for catching the largest carp on the strongest tackle.

They are constructed using high quality carbon — essential to keep the pole stiff — however the section walls and joint areas have been significantly thickened and strengthened to eliminate weakspots.

The Hypercarps are slightly heavier than conventional poles, but are well balanced to easily useable at full length.

Whatever size of fish — a Hypercarp will not let you down! The HC is he mid point of the Hypercarp range. By carefully balancing the section weights we have been able to keep the HC40 acceptably light and stiff for a pole with so much power and strength. Fish size unlimited! Sphere and Silverlite poles use a shared mandrel so all parts and accessories listed can be used on both ranges. Xitan topkits can also be used on these poles.

All parts are made to the same high quality as the poles they were designed for. Pre-fitted with standard screw fitting to suit Browning and some other brand cups. Xitan Pole Protectors Purpose designed short butt sections. Pole Protectors are reversible and fit every middle section. Built-in skid bungs protect sections from chipping and cracking.

Also give useful pole length options. These Pole Protectors are fully compatible with previous Xitan poles like the Z9. Silverlite and Sphere topkits can also be used on these poles. Flat sides make holding a pole very easy and comfortable. Xitan Advance Topkits Top quality kits as supplied with our Advance pole range.

Puller bush and std versions with drilling bands. Special PTFE internal bush allows tip size to be chosen. The Power sections are light and carefully designed not to unbalance the pole. Useful where some extra strength is required, or as low cost extra sections.

Length 1,15 m. We gave the solid body a fast action adding spiral bands giving it a very classy look. But most important this pole is fitted with our all new pre-bushed Speed Kit! A light super fast action kit for the angler who is looking for that extra touch. Excellent for skimmers, bream or tench. No problem the BM specialist comes with a extra reinforced, pre-bushed and pulla ready power kit. No more excuses! Kits come reinforced, pre-bushed and are all pulla ready. The new BM Allround is your long time partner on any commercial fishery.

Carpodrome proof! Slim, stiff and excellent value, the Black Magic Carp will give years of reliable service. Big carp, big tench, big barbel … no problem! Ultra strong, stiff and remarkably light considering the immense power available from this “beast tamer”! Strong enough for any size of pole elastic and any size of fish. The large diameter tip eliminates or minimises the need to cut the pole back so no lost length. Strength, quality and value in the Black Magic tradition! Argon A new range of shorter poles that are suitable for all styles of fishing.

Slim, very strong and easy to use, the Argon poles are perfect for anglers who do not want or need a longer pole. All have hollow tips so fitting elastics is easy and quick, with no cutting needed. A reliable pole for all purposes. Hauling in and netting is what this rod is made for.

Targeting the big fish near the bank requires the uncompromising power of a blank to ensure the fish has no chance to disappear into the aquatic plants. The middle section is parallel, meaning the rod can also be used in a shorter version. Section 2 is fitted with a puller bush as is the Puller Kit. The tip diameter is so wide that even thick elastics will pass through without the tip needing to be cut back. The Pit Bull II is pre-fitted with the latest solid pole elastic which can be used with lines from 4 to 10lb to tame even big fish like carp.

Makes fishing quick and easy for beginners or experienced anglers. Pit Bull poles include a extra pre-elasticated topkit giving the angler a choice of size 12 and 18 elastics. The 12 elastic is the perfect all-round strength for most fish, the 18 will tame the biggest fish. Argon Tele Incredible telescopic pole at an amazing low price. An ace up your sleeve when it comes to catching small fish quickly near the bank.

The rod allows even larger fish to be tamed with ease during a fight. The lengths of 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 m cover all requirements in long-range fishing. Can be used both in rapid currents with heavy float weights and on canals, where striking quickly is of the essence. We believe that these are the most advanced match style fishing rods available. Sphere Spliced-Tip River Specialist match float rods from the Sphere range developed specifically for river fishing. Both rods feature a 50cm solid carbon tip carefully spliced into the top section.

This creates the ultra-fast and stiff action needed to pick up line and connect with bites in flowing water, but with the soft and forgiving tip needed for fine lines and small hooks.

Like all Sphere rods, we use the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available. Every aspect of the rod has been has been carefully engineered to be as perfect as possible. Sphere Braid Special A specialist feeder rod from the Sphere range developed specifically for fishing with braid or pre-stretched lines. Supplied with 4 carbon tips to suit the action and purpose of the rod. Sphere Feeder The Sphere Feeder rods, like all rods in the Sphere range, have been developed using the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available.

Every aspect of the rods has been carefully engineered to produce a product that is as perfect as possible. The ultimate feeder rods. The superb quality of the SPHERE blanks has allowed us to produce a small range of rods to cover a wide range of feeder fishing situations. The carbon quality of the blank adds meters to a cast and improves casting accuracy by minimising sideways flex when the rod under load. However, the blanks are responsive enough to safely play soft mouthed fish like skimmers without fear of hook-pulls.

Supplied with 4 tips to give both sensitivity for bite indication and durability when casting. Sections C. Sphere Bomb The Sphere bomb rod, like all rods in the Sphere range, has been developed using the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available. Every aspect of the rod has been carefully engineered to produce a product that is as perfect as possible. A soft actioned rod optimised for fishing at ranges to 30m with bomb, or light method and conventional feeders. The top-quality blank is soft enough to be safely used with light lines and small hooks, but has reserves of power in the butt section to tame bigger and hard fighting fish when necessary.

Supplied with 4 glass tips to give both sensitivity for bite indication and durability to withstand the demands of carp fishing. Sphere Feeder Quiver Tip Code Testcurve 0,50 oz 0,75 oz 1,00 oz 1,50 oz 1,00 oz 1,50 oz 2,00 oz 3,00 oz 4,00 oz 5,00 oz 0,75 oz 0,50 oz. With the specified casting weight of 80g you can easily catapult out fully filled 60g cage feeders. A fast rod for small and big fish over medium casting distances. Casting distances up to 60 m.

In this rod length we offer two different actions. The g rod is suitable for casting distances up to 90m and offers a sensitive, soft action in the last third of the rod. The ideal rod for small to large bream. The g version is an absolute workhorse with large reserves.

Experts know that 3. Casting distances up to 90 m. Black Viper III The g action is the perfect long-cast rod on stillwaters, or for river fishing in medium currents. It shows its advantages especially in strong river currents. The extra length makes it possible to lift most of the line out of the water. This allows you to reduce your cage feeder weight. It says it all when our team angler Kai Chaluppa fishes this rod on the Rhine for barble, using cage feeder weights of over g.

Casting distances up to m. The g action is the perfect long-cast rod on stillwaters, or for river fishing in medium currents.

The g rod also masters strong currents and heavier casting weights without any problems. Hyperdrome Method Feeder In view of the tremendous response to the Hyperdrome rods, we have expanded the series with 3 lighter models, specially designed for fishing with a method feeder.

Whether the fish weigh 1 kg or 10 kg, the Hyperdrome Method rods provide hours of enjoyment. All models sit well balanced in the hand and, despite their slimline blanks, have sufficient backbone for a controlled fight. Of course, all models still come with high-quality SIC rings and long, solid carbon tips that guarantee a nice semi-parabolic action.

The Hyperdrome Method series comes in 3 lengths: 3 m for close range, 3. The extremely robust blank is slender, light and offers the angler an incredible parabolic action! Jens considers it the most versatile rod in our range. Whether fishing with the lightest feeders for bream and roach with ultra-soft tips, using heavy feeders for hybrids in Ireland or Method fishing on commercial waters — this rod will not let you down!

With its cushioning action, the World Champion Feeder can also be used with braided line throughout. The perfect rod for casting distances up to 50 m and casting weights up to 50 g! Available in lengths of 3. Hyperdrome Feeder The Hyperdrome Feeder is the ultimate rod for anglers who like to land one personal best after another. The rod allows you to be the conductor and call the tune, providing sufficient backbone for you to direct even the largest specimens straight to your landing net. The semi-parabolic action skilfully prevents unwanted pull-outs.

Despite its power, the Hyperdrome Feeder has an extremely slender blank. Special features include the extra-long solid carbon tips, which are absolutely unbreakable, and the Fuji rings throughout, allowing you to cast to promising hotspots with completely confidence and accuracy.

That was the first comment from all test anglers after they had tested the rods extensively and then heard the targeted sales prices. Triple-hardened stainless steel inserts with a large inner diameter ensure best casting distances and line protection — leader knots will flow through the rings effortlessly.

The novel handle design in the lower butt section provides for a completely new casting experience due to its special shape, the casting sequence and overall handling. The blank, which comes in traditional Browning burgundy, is reinforced with a specially woven carbon mat in the lower butt section, because it is in this area that the greatest forces are exerted on the rod during casting. The Argon 2. Argon 2. High-modulus carbon-fibre matting and a semi-parabolic action give the rod all the necessary properties for perfect method fishing.

The large internal diameter enables excellent casting distances even with the short models, while the 3. Both models are the all-rounders among the Argon rods and deliver sufficient power to tame even big carp with ease. Keeping the long feeder rod in an elevated position allows you to fish with little line in the water to minimise the impact of the current on the line. The combination of the large rings and specially designed handle enables pin-point casting over long distances. Our Commercial King range of rods quickly became market leaders.

Superseded by a new Carp King range which incorporate the very latest advances in carbon and rod fittings, but with the same ultra slim blanks, perfect actions and super quality. The best just got even better! These short rods tame fish quickly but are feather light, making constant casting techniques easy and fatigue free. The short sections also make it easy to carry. The high quality, ultra slim, blanks feature short handles specially shaped for comfort and speed, plus a snag-free hook keeper tube.

Everything is held in place without the need for rod bands or sleeves. As the main rod has no joints the action is absolutely perfect. Unbeatable casting accuracy and speed for fishing at distance to around 20m. Fitted with special ultra low friction line guides, special contoured handle, snag-free hook keeper and supplied with 2 tips.

The short length dramatically improves casting accuracy and lands fish incredibly quickly. They feature ultra slim blanks with forgiving through actions, but with the power needed for big catches. A multi-purpose rod that can be used for just about anything — bomb or feeder, winter or big summer catches. Powerful enough for carp, but forgiving enough for skimmers, light lines and small hooks. A slim blank with perfect action and super quality.

Also a good choice if generally targeting larger sized carp. The perfect multi-purpose rod for pellet waggler and all other styles of carp float fishing.

Fitted with quality line guides a special contoured handle and a snag-free hook keeper. The new high-modulus carbon blanks are incredibly slim, but also tough and durable to give many years reliable service. The range includes float, feeder and bomb rods. The short length also tames fish much quicker. The Picker is easy to carry and unbeatable for fishing a shorter ranges. Supplied with 2 extra tips.

The CFX Bomb rod is a adaptable rod suitable for bomb, method or conventional feeder fishing. The fully parabolic action provides the power needed to land hard fighting fish, but is still soft enough to minimise hook pulls.

The CFX Method rod has been specially designed to provide some extra power for casting heavily loaded method feeders. There are 3 rods with range of casting weights to cover conventional stillwater and river fishing for bream and other quality fish.

All rods are supplied with 2 extra tips. We keep spares for all current and many discontinued poles for at least 5 years. We operate a helpline poles zebco-europe. Black Viper Compact Lightweight, compact housing and long, long-cast spools are all features of the perfect feeder reel. The wormshaft oscillation system enables high-precision line distribution on the large spool core, ensuring a high line retrieval rate.

The 2 line clips included on this ultra-modern feeder reel are a must for angling with pinpoint accuracy. Black Viper MK FD Browning have a lot of expertise in producing specialist tackle purpose designed for the long-distance feeder fishing which is common in mainland Europe.

The Black Viper MK FD is an example of a specialist reel packed with features specifically for medium to long-range feeder fishing. Sophisticated wormshaft gears have been used to ensure effortless retrieve and perfect line lay – particularly important for long-distance casting and when using braided lines. This is further enhanced by the large, wide and shallow spool design which can be perfectly filled without resorting to lots of backing. In summary, a purpose designed product that will out-perform conventional reels for this style of fishing.

Sphere MgTi Fantastic match and feeder reel series with ultra-light magnesium body! The rotor is reinforced with carbon fibre, the titanium axle is indestructible and the line guide has been coated with titanium for durability and optimal line protection. This series offers the right size reel for every application in modern coarse angling. Feeder fishing at meters distance? Unthinkable some years ago, now a standard distance for many pros. However, rather than resorting to a traditional surf reel, they should really take a closer look at the Black Magic Distance.

Never has there been a more uncompromising feeder reel for extreme casting distances. Gear ratio, line capacity, spool design, transmission power: all have been optimized for this precise purpose. Test anglers were immediately impressed. The large recesses reduce the spool weight as well as being a nice eye-catcher. These reels look good with a classy, subdued finish that matches our Black Magic range. Argon FD The perfect reel for our entry-level match and feeder rods.

They may be economic but they work seamlessly! And they look great too! We are confident that these reels will break sales records. Groundbait No. It is suited for very dry use as an explosive feeder mix or watered down for use on lakes and rivers. This mix has been used successfully for years by the Browning Team, which is a testament to its quality.

The dark colour comes solely from the use of natural flours. The slightly bitter aroma of this groundbait holds fish in the swim for long periods.

Grain size: medium — fine. Groundbait M7 Legendary Dutch feeder groundbait for use on lakes and rivers. For stillwaters, M7 is soaked an hour before fishing and passed through a medium sized sieve to retain its explosiveness.

For rivers, M7 should be soaked the evening before fishing to ensure that it sinks properly without floating particles being carried away. Moisten again slightly before fishing and pass through a medium sized sieve. With M7, even the smallest quantities of groundbait can hold large groups of fish in the swim for long periods.

The groundbait is very filling and has a sweet scent and flavour. Grain size: large. For more information, you can find a QR code on the bag that leads you to a video. Groundbait Etang This groundbait is perfectly suited for attracting large fish in lakes and slow running waters. The high percentage of ground hemp seeds and use of high quality flavourings attracts fish over long distances.

The addition water allows for maggots, casters or bloodworms to be added. Grain size: fine. Groundbait Crispy Carp When it comes to selectively attracting big fish such as carp and bream, and then holding them in the swim for long periods, a very coarse groundbait with plenty of particles is ideal.

Crispy Carp binds well and therefore allows large amounts of additional loose feed to be included in the mix. With its light colour and intensive fruity aroma, the groundbait is perfect when large numbers of big fish are expected. As is traditional from Browning, we only use the highest quality ingredients for our Crispy Carp. The special feature is the cornflakes which give the groundbait an unmistakable appearance.

A match fishing groundbait with very strong binding properties and long lasting effect, suitable for large whiting. River is perfect for use on large flowing rivers with plenty of boat traffic. This groundbait can be combined with large quantities of particles to keep fish searching throughout your match.

Its unique blend of aromas attracts fish quickly and over long distances. Grain size: medium. A heavy, bright yellow groundbait for large fish such as bream, tench and carp. The strong binding properties and long lasting effect ensures that large volumes of particles such as casters, worms and gravel can be mixed with the bait. The sweet scent of almond, vanilla and marzipan is irresistible to huge specimens.

Big Fish is suitable for use on large rivers and lakes. The very dark, almost black colour makes this groundbait perfect for fishing in clear water. The selected combination of attractors makes the scent and flavour attractive to all types of silver fish. Groundbait Gardons Specifically developed for targeting larger roach on canals and rivers, Gardons has just the right properties to attract and hold specimen fish in your swim and to keep them feeding.

With few active ingredients the fish will concentrate directly on the feeding area. The distinctive aroma of ground spices is irressistible to large roach and bream. Adhesion: medium. A roach groundbait without an equal. The rich red colour of the groundbait provides an unbeatable advantage on coloured waters and in spring. Only the best high quality ingredients are used for Red Roach.

The distinctive scent of roasted hemp combined with a special mixture of additives is irresistible to large roach and skimmer bream.

Red Roach can be used on slow flowing canals and stillwaters and is perfect for use with bloodworm. Developed for barbel fishing on large rivers, the distinctive parmesan cheese scent is irresistible to barbel. Easy Cheesy contains large red food particles which are slowly released from the balls of groundbait into the current, attracting fish from large distances. The strong binding properties of the groundbait provide a long lasting effect, holding fish in the feeding area.

The groundbait can also carry large quantities of live bait and particles. Adhesion: very strong. Groundbait Tench Groundbait Sweet Breams A light-coloured groundbait for attracting shoals of specimen bream. Sweet Breams has a unique almond scent which bream simply cannot resist.

Principally for use in the summer months the groundbait has good binding properties making it perfectly suited to attracting and holding large shoals on lakes and large rivers. Adhesion: strong. The binding strength has been formulated to maximise catch rate in lakes and slow flowing rivers. The groundbait receives its dark colouration from the finest fish meal. The fishy aroma with a subtle hint of sweet biscuit attracts large specimens quickly and holds them in the swim for long periods.

During test development, our angling consultant managed to land monster tench over 9. Grain size: medium, Binding strength: medium. In this light version, it is ideally suited for still waters, it very easily detaches from the cage feeder and tempts the fish with its natural flavours. Black Roach dissolves in the water due to its composition and detaches from the cage feeder within a very short time. Code Colour black.

Ideally suited for still and slow flowing waters, it quickly attracts all kinds of silverfish species to the feeding area. It detaches optimally from the cage feeder and forms a feeding carpet on the bottom. This means you can catch fish even in difficult situations, where other groundbaits fail consistently!

For more information, you can find a QR code on the bag that leads Code Colour brown. Particularly suitable for rivers and deep lakes. It seduces by the natural aroma of its high-quality flours and forms a feeding carpet on the bottom to keep the fish in the swim for a long time. The binding allows for the addition of larger quantities of live bait, which is important when large fish are present at the swim.

Code Colour yellow. In Green Mussel we use a mixture of different ground pellets of the best quality, enriched with other ingredients and refined by an aroma that gives this mixture its final touch. It easily detaches from the cage feeder and forms a green carpet on the bottom within a very short time, attracting carp, bream and other large silverfish species to the feeding area.

Instructions for use: Mix the feed with the amount of water indicated on the bag and let it rest for approx. As a very special highlight we added Robin Red, which acts like a magnet on carp and could absolutely convince anglers in our various tests. If you want to go for big fish, this feed is the best choice! It easily detaches from the cage feeder and forms a red carpet on the bottom within a very short time, attracting carp, bream and other large silverfish species to the feeding area.

A mixture of ground feed and rearing pellets, provided with a sweet aroma mixture results in an irresistible feed for all types of silverfish. It easily detaches from the Method feeder and quickly releases its flavours to attract fish in the shortest possible time. Due to the high protein content it keeps the fish in place when feed is introduced regularly and ensures a full keepnet.

Code Colour Natural. Groundbait Display Easy to assemble shop display made from robust, printed cardboard for up to 8 bags of groundbait from the attractive Browning range.

Improves sales enormously. Groundbait not included. Carp, bream, tench and other silver fish love a sweet flavour.

Krazy Sweetner is many times sweeter than ordinary sugar and is made from sodium-saccharin around times sweeter than sugar , NHDC around 1, times sweeter and purely natural, intensively sweetening plant extracts. In contrast with other sweeteners Krazy Sweetner lacks the customary bitter after taste. Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon per approx. Then add a little water but do not get the maggots too wet. Then sprinkle Krazy Glue over the top. Slowly mould the maggots together to form the desired ball size.

You may want to add in some grit previously to make the balls heavier. Once completed the balls will break up quickly in the water. Band Aid Forceps No more fumbling around trying to push pellets onto pellet bands.

Take the strain away from this task fishing is more fun this way. Silicone Bait Holder Practical fastener with a silicone tab for holding the hook and a pre-attached boilie needle. Boilie Pin Small metal needle for baiting mini boilies on the hair. For a bait that sticks like glue. The fastest way to bait.

A good value reliable line that is suitable for every style of fishing, float or feeder. Excellent value, reliable and very long lasting. Aids casting and greatly Improves bite detection. A specialist pre-stretched reel line for feeder fishing.

The ultra-low stretch formulation of this line boosts bite detection when fishing at distance so is an easier-to-use alternative to braided lines. Abrasion resistant with a smooth surface finish. Round profile, zero stretch, braided line for feeder fishing. Incorporates a Teflon strand which makes the braid exceptionally fast and easy to sink in all conditions. Cenex Classic Mono Our well proven and popular Cenex line is ultra supple and provides perfect bait presentation guaranteed to help catch more fish.

However, it’s also recognised as one on the strongest fine diameter lines available. The choice of serious competition anglers. Cenex Hybrid Power Mono Primarily designed for hook-lengths and pole rigs, This superb high-tech and high-quality co-polymer line specially formulated for demanding big-fish situations. The line offers brilliant abrasion resistance, knot strength and breaking strains but is remarkably supple to allow perfect bait presentation.

Superstrong, supertough and supersupple. Cenex Feeder Mono A quality reel line with a special smooth surface seal which increases casting distance, improves retrieve and makes the line highly abrasion resistant.

This medium-stretch sinking line is very supple so it is also very good choice for float fishing, particularly at medium to long distance. Cenex Method Mono Camou-coloured line three colours with high durability. Ideal for method feeder fishing, whether in competition or when specimen hunting. In fact, whenever you need a reliable, inconspicuous line. Very fast sinking like a plummet!

Colour camo. Carefully formulated to be supple and deliver a high breaking strain and knot strength. Sphere Hooks – developed by our successful Browning match and feeder anglers. The dedication of Jens Koschnik played a major role in the development of this special hook range. Each model has been designed to be as light as possible for its intended use while always ensuring the necessary robustness to land even large specimens safely. The low hook weight is essential for presenting baits as naturally as possible.

These are the fine details that lead to ultimate success! The hooks are specially made for Browning in one of the world’s leading hook factories in Japan and meet the very highest quality standards – just like all products that bear the Sphere name.

The new Sphere hooks are supplied loose or tied for match and feeder fishing. On that note, Browning also presents a completely new and unique winder concept. Tied hooks are stored on a spool with a silicone surface and a folding protective tip, safely enclosing all of your hooks and protecting your leaders against UV light and impacts. The first hook is hooked onto the top lip where it can be easily found.

The following hooks are hooked onto the loop of the previous hook and can be removed easily without tangling. A unique storage concept with no use of retaining pins or similar. With their straight design, wide gape and Japanese high-performance steel, they have quickly become the number one when it comes to landing feisty fish such as carp and barbel in difficult conditions.

The special feature of the barbless Sphere Beast is the Teflon coasting that guarantees particularly easy penetration of the hook into the mouth of the fish. As a result, the hook holds particularly firmly and pull-outs are significantly reduced.

The medium-duty Japanese high-performance steel makes this the perfect hook for targeting silver fish, crucians or carp. Thanks to the Teflon coating, the hook penetrates the mouth of the fish with effortless ease, significantly reducing unwanted pull-outs.

Code Model with spade. Sphere Match We produce the match hook in a form often used by feeder anglers in particular. The long hook tip ensures a secure hold during a fight.

The hook is extremely sharp and very robust despite its low weight. An absolute all-rounder that can also be used when fishing with a pole or match rod. Supplied as loose hooks. It has the exact same shape as our Ultra Light hook but is significantly thicker and more robust.

This makes it ideal for heavy feeder fishing but pole anglers who like to target big fish in strong currents will also love using the Ultra Strong. Bream, barbel and carp pose no problems for this hook. Application: For pole fishing for big fish in strong currents and heavy feeder fishing. Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite This hook is one of the lightest and sharpest currently available on the market. But it is still strong enough to land larger fish with a feeder rod, for example.

The pros have known for a long time that hook weight is a major factor in whether a fish takes the bait. With our Ultra Light hooks, you are way ahead of the competition! Particularly suited to fishing with bloodworm and small baits. Sphere Classic The classic hook design for all situations. Anglers who use a pole or match rod are more than familiar with this particularly effective hook shape.

With its long shank, the hook can be easily removed without harming the fish’s mouth. The hook has also established itself among feeder anglers. The perfect compromise when you need to combine lightness with strength. Application: All-round hook for pole and match fishing or for light or heavy feeder sport.

Sphere Beast This invincible hook is particularly popular for targeting large fish such as carp and barbel. There will always be extreme situations on the water that call for particularly strong equipment.

When you want to be on the safe side, you can trust in our Beast hooks and the fish will have no escape! Application: For all particularly powerful fish and angling in very strong currents. Supplied tied to high-performance monofilament. Feeder Method hook-to-nylon with pellet band Short method hooklengths in Cenex monofilament.

The robust Mustad hook will even stand up to carp during a fight. With pellet band on the hair. Feeder Method hook-to-nylon with boilie needle Short method hooklengths in Cenex monofilament. With boilie needle on the hair. Feeder Trophy Fish hook-to-nylon When you have to go large while feeder fishing, this Mustad hook with attached maggot clip is always the first choice. With push stop on the hair for simple bait attachment.

Includes push-stop needle. With pellet band on the hair for simple bait attachment and particularly robust Mustad hook. Ideal for bream and other feisty coarse fish. With a boilie needle on the hair for simple bait attachment with particularly robust Mustad hook. With pellet band on the hair for simple bait attachment with particularly robust Mustad hook. Method feeders in value-for-money design in weights of 20, 30 or 50 g.

New design with larger contact surface. In-line, free-running, method feeder set comprising 2 x 20g and 2 x 30g flat feeders plus a matching mould suitable for groundbait or pellets. Reverse of pack has pictures and instructions for use. Perfect presentation every time.

Flexible silicone design. Hydrus Metal Method Feeder The ideal long-distance feeder with a compact design, metal body and perfectly arranged metal ribs for an optimal hold on the groundbait during casting and rapid release in the water. The matching mould is item No.

The new Browning Pellet Feeder is available in 2 sizes. Since the hookbait sits protected inside this feeder, the feeder is excellently suited to fishing in weedy waters or on a sludgy bottom. Thanks to its wide opening angle, pellets are released very quickly.

With its compact shape, the feeder can be cast precisely over long distances. The body has been designed to allow water to flow easily through the feeder, eliminating resistance when reeling in. For the new Xenos Wire Feeder range, Browning has used a modern thermo-coating process to make the surface of the feeders shock-proof and to ensure that they blend into the underwater environment thanks to the camouflage colouring.

Small and light stainless steel feeder with big benefits! This mini-feeder is used at close range, in shallow water and in situations where small amounts of feed are the key to angling success! No overfeeding and no scaring the fish away with a loud splash when casting.

Thanks to its special coating, the wire feeder will not scare the fish away. The versatile match feeder with large mesh for rapid release of feed is equally effective on stillwaters and flowing waters. The 6 cm models are also ideal for initial feeding to quickly attract fish to the swim. Xenos Wire Specialist Feeder For the new Xenos Wire Feeder range, Browning has used a modern thermo-coating process to make the surface of the feeders shock-proof and to ensure that they blend into the underwater environment thanks to the camouflage colouring.

Special feeder for use on flowing waters. The weight lies flat on the wire feeder to create a flat contact surface, ensuring the feeder holds firmly to the bottom. This allows lighter weights to be used. Xenos Wire Pro Cast Feeder For the new Xenos Wire Feeder range, Browning has used a modern thermo-coating process to make the surface of the feeders shock-proof and to ensure that they blend into the underwater environment thanks to the camouflage colouring.

New, ultra-stable, long-cast feeder in stainless steel wire for long and precise casting! The tapered weight on both sides gives the feeder excellent aerodynamics and good retrieval properties.

The feeder mesh quickly releases groundbait and particles, ensuring there is no residual feed in the feeder when retrieved. Thanks to its special coating, the feeder will not scare the fish away. This is not feasible with conventional cage feeders. The Xenos Slow Sinking Feeder allows you to catch fish regardless of the depth they are at!

This method is extremely effective for modern carp fishing at commercial fisheries. A floating device attached to the bottom of the cage replaces the lead weight. It features a small opening closed by a plug, by which you can balance the body with shot so that it will sink slowly or quickly. The cage floats if no lead is added. Xenos J Feeder New size with larger bottom opening to succeed in winter or on those difficult days on the bank, you do not want to overfeed the fish.

That is why we have developed our Xenos Feeder in a smaller size. Besides the strategic benefits, the mini-feeder offers improved flight properties and less water resistance on the retrieve. Now with larger bottom opening. The aerodynamically shaped lead weight can be replaced within seconds. The innovative design allows you to pack a large amount of coarse particles and baits into the Xenos Feeder without them falling out during the cast. Special slots at the bottom of the cage help to release the feed quickly.


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The hook has also established itself among feeder anglers. Easy Cheesy contains large red windows version free download particles the best high quality ingredients are used for Red Roach. For stillwaters, M7 is soaked an hour before fishing and passed through a medium sized sieve A feeder groundbait for flowing waters, developed according to to retain its explosiveness. The Xi-Box 30 Superlight is even lighter weight version of our 36 compact seatbox. End weighted design means easy and A arfon, version of our Window feeder with a permamently accurate casting and allows the maggots to escape quickly when on the bot- open window. Soften hard containers by placing them in a bowl of warm water and stirring the honey until it melts. Continua a leggere browning argon feeder 3 90 free download. Best Sellers: The most popular items in Trolling Rods


Featured Brands. Any Price. International Shipping. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Material: Plastic holes. Internal ridges ensure the groundbait is held securely.

End weighted design means easy and A second,multi-purpose, version of our Window feeder with a permamently accurate casting and allows the maggots to escape quickly when on the bot- open window. Fill with any bait, close window with groundbait and cast.

Tube tom. Available in counter display boxes — see next pages. Can be used 2 ways – fill with maggots and turn the sleeve to close the window or fill with any particle bait and closing the window with a smear of ground bait for rapid emptying.

Casts long and straight due to the end weight design. Material: Plastic. Not availa- ble in UK! Practical set of three of the most popular plum- met sizes in lead free brass design with plastic inserts to protect hooks when attaching to the rig. Round Rig Wallet An alternative way of storing hooklengths, how- ever long or short, without kinking and tangling. An important tool for feeding push stops through the bait. Allows An important tool for pre-drilling hard baits in anglers to easily clear the vegetation from their order to feed through push stops.

Xitan Super Stopper oval swim with a feeder rod. King Feeder Micro Swivels Feeder Link Pro Easy Swap Swivel Very small and unobtrusive barrel swivels with a Professional feeder rig that enables rapid rigging Practical side mounting system with ready-posi- variety of uses when feeder fishing. Simply tie on and away you go! Specialist Feed- er Rig. Instant Snap Swivel Perfect feeder rig developed by the specialist.

Link swivels for a multitude of uses including anglers of Browning Team Denmark. Totally elimi- nates tangling. Feeders can be changed instantly. Feeder-Rig I quick-changing swimfeeders, bombs etc. Digital Match Scales Accurate and reliable weighing of catches is an essential part of every angling event. These Browning digital scales make the task very easy and quick.

Batteries: 2x AAA not included. An excellent swivel specially designed for feeder fishing. Light and inconspicuous, the swivel allows you to change leaders in seconds. With its special Quick Change Swivel design, it also acts as a boom that effectively reduces tangling of the leader around the rest of Special swivels for waggler rigs.

In this version, the the rig. Feeder-Rig II A tried and tested system for avoiding line tangle when feeder fishing: This loop rig with twirling line. But it is not always that saves hours of fumbling with the business Disgorger necessary to change them. With the knot un-pick- er, the solution is at your fingertips. Including the end of the rig. Produces clean knots with optimal line protection during tying. Batteries: 2x AAA Flexible, highly efficient plastic disgorger.

Fish Counter Essential when you need to keep on top of the exact number or weight of fish in your net. Espe- cially useful in the UK, where only certain quantities per net are allowed. Loop Tyer An easy way of achieving strong and consistent loop sizes on leaders etc. Particularly good for larger fish in snaggy water. Pure Latex. High stretch factor to land fish quickly. Perfectly round with a small internal bore that eliminates air bubbles, and with a surface finish that gives ultra smooth run- ning.

In 10 popular sizes to cover every pole fishing situation, including 2 extra large sizes that will tame the largest fish that swim. Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic Xitan Microbore elastic offers major advantages over conventional hol- low elastic. Microbore also runs much smoother under load as it resists flattening at the bush under pressure. In test it also last- ed longer.

The smaller sizes are the perfect silverfish and F1 elastics. Indispensable for all puller kits. The diameter of the stop should be approx. For example, a 1. Bungs for rigging elastic with a winder to adjust the tension. Available in twod- The larger winder can store large diameter elastics and is easier to extract than ifferent diameters. Delivered as a set with 3 or 2 bungs and an extractor. The black colour is very unobtrusive on the pole. Pole Elastic Alignment Bushes Fit inside the topkit joint to stop elastic rubbing inside the section.

Soft EVA outer can be compressed to fit a range of joint sizes. Pure PTFE liner makes elastic run perfectly smooth. Size 1 11mm fits 9mm to 11mm joints Size 2 14mm fits 12mm to 14mm joints Size 3 19mm fits 15mm to 19mm joints Pulla Bush oval As fitted to our poles. A new innovative design of directional side puller bush. The internal shape of the bush eliminates all sharp angles and provides totally smooth and reliable operation, without any moving parts. Moulded in top qual- ity PTFE and supplied with a drilling guide for easy fitting.

The design is very strong and rigid with 36mm legs and specially designed clamps. The top frame of the box can be height adjusted to maintain a comfortable seating position if trays are added or removed. The Xi-Box 30 Superlight is even lighter weight version of our 36 compact seatbox. The design is very strong and rigid with specially designed leg clamps. The box is compact and very light in weight, but still very stable.

It has primarily been designed for anglers who fish from platforms so do not need footplates, but is also a good choice for anglers wanting a good quality but simple seatbox. The box is supplied in a basic configuration so anglers can build the box they need. Targus Seat Box The Targus seatbox has a fixed-frame design for maximum strength and stability while fishing.

The 36mm dia legs are all fully telescopic and include large folding mudfeet. The leg and frame locking system has been designed to prevent slippage allowing the box to be used with the legs extended with confidence — ideal for when fishing from the margins of a lake etc.

The lower frame is covered with a slotted tray to provide a useful storage space for bait etc. The box is supplied with 1 x 3cm and 1 x 6cm side opening drawers with internal partitions. Additional trays, drawer units and other accessories are available. Bag and cassette trays on base frame are not included.

This sturdy box is very light in weight, but has plenty of storage space, which includes a full width side drawer, two front opening drawers, plus a deep bottom compartment big enough for reels etc. The thickly padded seat can be adjusted for height and, for total comfort, includes a padded backrest which can be folded down when carrying. The strong legs have mudfeet and are a standard 25mm size, therefore compatible with a wide range of standard attachments.

A comfortable, stable and strong seatbox that will suit many anglers. The compact design has a very rigid sliding footplate unit and an independent top frame that allows the comfortable seat cushion to be adjusted for height, even if trays are added or removed.

The box is supplied with two full width storage trays plus three 4cm deep drawers. A range of extra trays are available and can be added if more storage is required.

The box is pre-prepared for a wheel kit which is available as an optional extra. Supplied with 2 support legs. Universal foot rest Footrest system to fit all Browning feeder chairs. Heavily padded to protect pole. Fully adjustable. Feeder Arm M Compact, robust feeder arm for attachment to seat boxes. Feeder Rod Tube Holder Simple rod tube holder for quickly packing away an unused rod or a top kit, e.

With mounting for 25 mm leg systems. The Comfort trolley has a slightly larger frame than normal combined with a wide axle which allows it to carry the largest seatbox or chair. The extra width also increases stability and makes it easier and safer to pull on uneven ground. With the wheels removed, the trolley quickly folds flat and compact for easy transport.

Light in weigh but very strong so will give many years service. Will take even large seatboxes, but folds to a small size for transporting. Small wheels also give the transport out- standing load capacity.

Match Trolley Bad backs can now be a thing of the past with this practical Browning trolley. Strong enough to handle all of your equipment and so small when collapsed that it will easily fit in your car boot. Also supplied with high quality carrying bag.

The perfect tool for chopping larger Optimised design. Reaches into the tightest corners of the mixing bowl. With 8 quantities of worms for loose feeding.

Sickle Clearing sickle with saw-blade cutter for clearing the peg of weed and reed stems. Screws onto a landing net handle. Match Riddle Perfectly finished feed and bait riddle. The mesh is made of rustproof stainless steel and is firmly riveted to the frame. There are no adhesive spots that could come off after many years of use. The riddle is available in three different mesh sizes: – 2×2 mm: For sifting out pinkies or dry feed. Round Riddle Feed riddles suitable for 17l buckets and Fits to 17l bucket or With a perforated lid for live baits such as maggots or worms.

Bait Box A large, food quality, storage box with a tight clip-down lid. Kit roost 12 rods Supplied in pair with the front roost in a thinner diameter than the rear. Roost with three screw threads for secure fixing in the ground. Double width and stable 4 legged pole roller. Soft EVA rollers with sides shaped to protect pole. Height adjustable with full length telescopic legs. Supplied in carry bag.

Compact but stable small pole roller. Soft EVA to protect pole, extending legs to adjust height. Extra-wide 4 legged competition pole roller. Pole-friendly EVA with shaped end rollers. Folds flat for easy carrying. The wind-proof slots keep kits secure in all conditions. Height adjustable, folds flat and supplied in carry bag.

Tripod Tripod, tough On hard, uneven ground a tripod is your best bet for mounting rod rests. Extendable in three places with hook for hanging stabiliser weights. Stands extremely firm in all kinds of weather. Sphere luggage is made using a very high quality, specialist PVC material with distinctive carbon effect finish. Good looking, long lasting and very practical designs make this luggage the first choice for anglers who demand the best. Good looking, long lasting and very practical.

Sphere luggage is made using a very high quality, specialist PVC material with a distinctive carbon effect finish. Sphere luggage is made using a very high quality, specialist PVC material with distinctive car- bon effect finish.

Made in a very durable, wipe-clean and waterproof material therefore practical as well as good looking. The range covers every need of the modern angler. Material: xD Nylon. Made in a very durable, wipe-clean and water- proof material therefore practical as well as good looking. Each pack contains 2 long padded sleeves that are secured with neoprene straps and velcro.

No other straps needed! Material: Polychlorid. Xitan Groundbait Box Set Large, waterproof storage bag for transporting groundbait. With two large indi- vidual boxes. Easy to rinse thanks to the material. Xitan Groundbait Holder Groundbait bowl with holder for attachment to a seat box.

Easy to clean thanks to the waterproof and wipe-clean material. Xitan Groundbait Holder Square groundbait bowl with holder for attachment to a seat box or platform. The compact and sensible Black Magic S-Line luggage designs are perfect for anglers who find more typi- cal match angling luggage too large, expensive or complex for their needs.

Top quality material, zips and fittings, in practical and smart designs. Top quality material, zips and fitting, in practical and smart designs. Large enough for tubes and has external pockets. Smaller cm 20 cm Material: D Polyester cm 20 cm The S-Line Standard holdall is compact design perfect for anglers who like to carry less tackle. Material: D Polyester. The S-Line Feeder bag is an alternative design of carryall which is less deep than a conventional carryall.

The shape and external pockets allows the bag contents to be organised and more easily. The S-Line Carryall is a medium sized bag perfect for most anglers needs. Large zip-up main compartment plus, zip end pocket for small items.

Carry handles and a comfortable padded shoul- der strap. Top quality material, utes clear to see in the Black Magic S-Line luggage range. The S-Line Netbag has a single zips and fitting, in practical and smart designs. The S-Line Coolbag is fully main compartment for keepnets, plus a useful front pocket for net heads, padded and foil lined for insulation. The perfect size for carrying standard bait- weigh slings, unhooking mat etc. Material: D Polyester boxes.

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Cormoran Profiline Telescopic Rod Travel 1. Most Wished For in Trolling Rods. Most Gifted in Trolling Rods. Pop them in the freezer. White vinegar, which is commonly used in pickling is super acidic.

As a result, it’s self-preserving, and its shelf life is “almost indefinite,” according to the Vinegar Institute. Whether you prefer table salt or sea salt, you can confidently sprinkle it on your food no matter how long it’s been hanging out in your spice cabinet. When stored in a cool, dry place, it remains fresh indefinitely. The only exception to the rule is iodized salt, which only lasts for about 5 years. You might avoid recipes that include ingredients you don’t use regularly.

But if that ingredient happens to be cornstarch, you might as well just buy it. When stored in a cool and dry area, the thickener is safe to eat indefinitely.

Expiration dates are simply a measure of the last day a manufacturer will vouch for a food’s quality, not a measure of its safety.