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TV Schedule. Sign In. Year: S6, Ep1. Error: please try again. Everybody becomes confused when Liz suddenly becomes cheerful, Jack tries to talk Jenna out of being the mean judge in a children’s reality talent show, and Kenneth prepares for what he believes to be the imminent Rapture.

S6, Ep2. Liz tries to keep a judgmental Jack away from her new boyfriend, Tracy begins an “idiot protest” in response to public comments made by Liz, and Kenneth and Jenna accidentally break a box of fluorescent lights in the storage closet. S6, Ep3. Jack officially disapproves of Liz’s boyfriend, Tracy continues his protest, Devin Banks returns to blackmail Jack into getting his kids into a prestigious school, and Kelsey Grammer gets Jenna and Kenneth out of a sticky situation.

S6, Ep4. Liz searches for a new best friend after a fight with Jenna, Jack replaces Kenneth and his fellow pages with computers, and Grizz and Dot Com help Tracy find something to live for. S6, Ep5. Liz finds a secret weapon to help in her contract negotiations with Jack, Kenneth leaves his job because he feels under-appreciated, and Tracy and Jenna perform at their accountant’s ungrateful son’s Bar Mitzvah.

S6, Ep6. Liz and Criss’s relationship is put to the test during a trip to IKEA, Jack discovers that he and his mother-in-law are attracted to each other, Kenneth trains his assistant, and Jenna gets the “yips” before an important performance. S6, Ep7. Criss and Liz decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but they need to buy a dining room table first.

Jack entertains his mother-in-law, Diana, as Jenna frantically looks to Pete to fill in last-minute as the producer of her first live performance on “America’s Kidz Got Singing. S6, Ep8. Liz gets tired of enforcing rules and good manners around the city, so she decides to break them herself. Meanwhile, Jack decides to run for mayor after he is mugged, and Jenna and Paul fear their relationship has reached normalcy.

S6, Ep9. While everyone tries to get into the spirit of Leap Day, Liz and Jenna fight over an Internet billionaire, Jack has a major financial setback, and Tracy tries to spend a Benihana gift card before it expires. S6, Ep In order to hide his relationship with Lynn, Frank convinces his mother that he is dating Liz. Tracy and Jenna team up to try to solve the case of Pete’s missing whisky.

Meanwhile, Jack teaches Kenneth how to take down his first business nemesis. Jack matches wits once again with his high-school-aged nemesis, Kaylie Hooper. Meanwhile, Kenneth clashes with Liz in his new job at Standards and Practices, and Jenna finds her six biological children in an effort to get more publicity. Dennis shows up at Liz’s apartment on St. Patrick’s Day and drives a wedge between Liz and Criss. Meanwhile, Tracy and Jenna fight over top billing in the St.

Patrick’s Day parade, and Jack plays a fantasy board game with the writers. Liz tries to be a mentor for Hazel, who is making catastrophic mistakes taking care of Tracy, much to Kenneth’s horror. Meanwhile, Jack decides to make a TV movie about Avery’s kidnapping, and Jenna desperately tries to get the lead role. The actor cast as Jack in his TV movie immerses himself in his character, including taking an interest in Avery’s mom.

Jack Alec Baldwin struggles to come up with an inspired idea to expand the Kabletown empire. Liz Tina Fey attempts to break free from her repetitive lifestyle. Tracy Tracy Morgan regains his sense of smell. Jenna Jane Krakowski engages in a prank war with the writers.

Jenna tries to “Yoko” a children’s band as part of her Sexual Walkabout, Jack’s mom comes to New York for a medical procedure, and Tracy tries to talk his son out of going to college. Jack Alec Baldwin gets creative when his new business idea for Kabletown goes awry.

James Marsden also guest stars. Sherri Shepherd and Mary Steenburgen guest star. Avery returns home from North Korea, and Jack suspects that she had an affair while she was there. Meanwhile, Criss is uncomfortable with swapping gender roles with Liz, and Jenna tries to learn a Southern accent for a commercial. Jack discovers Avery’s secret affair in North Korea just before they renew their vows, Criss is ready to make a bold move in his relationship with Liz, and Kenneth is forced to live with Hazel when his page application is rejected.

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TV Schedule. Sign In. Year: S7, Ep1. Error: please try again. S7, Ep2. Jack finds himself torn between business and politics while Liz discovers a new way to spice up her love life with boyfriend, Criss.

S7, Ep3. Jack develops a new relationship strategy based on the principles of the movie “The Great Escape,” Liz tries to prove that women are funny, and a tabloid reveals that Jenna is 56 years old.

S7, Ep4. Jack uses Liz as a “chum” for a Republican fund raiser, and the entire TGS crew becomes frustrated when Jenna’s Jimmy Buffett rip-off song attracts an annoying new audience. S7, Ep5. Realizing that Jenna could decide the Presidential election, Liz and Jack stage a debate to win her support and her followers. Kenneth turns to Tracy for advice on how to be an informed voter, while Pete tries to recreate the magic of the election.

S7, Ep6. Jack learns that the villain in Tracy’s new movie is based on him, Liz lets Hazel be her assistant after her bunion surgery, and Jenna tries to be supportive and listen to Kenneth.

S7, Ep7. Liz and Criss agree to get married, but Liz refuses to have a conventional wedding. Meanwhile, Tracy comes to terms with the fact that he will grow old, and Jenna discovers her true cash value as a human being. S7, Ep8. Jack’s mom comes early for the holidays, Jenna tries to upstage Liz with her own surprise wedding, and Tracy tries to fulfill Kenneth’s wish that his life was more like TV with the help of Florence Henderson.

S7, Ep9. Jack launches a plot to take over as Kabletown CEO with the help of Devon Banks, Liz gets more bad news from the adoption agency, and the lead actress in Tracy’s Harriet Tubman biopic turns out to be the female version of Tracy himself. S7, Ep Jack and Liz go to Florida, where they find out a shocking secret about Jack’s late mother, and Hazel sues the network for sexual harassment.

Liz’s adoption request is finally approved, but she is too busy trying to single-handedly save TGS from cancellation to notice. Meanwhile, Kenneth tries to help Jack as he tries to choose his successor. Liz is dealing with being a stay-at-home mom while Jack tries to find true happiness. See also TV Schedule. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Top Gap. See more gaps ». Add episode. Jacqueline Fernandez’s Watchlist. In Memoriam Stars We’ve Lost.

New on Amazon Prime Video: August Primetime Emmys by the Numbers. Create a list ». Watchlist Serien. TV with Kylie. My Favorite TV Shows. See all related lists ». Share this page:. Clear your history.


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InComedy Central and WGN America hazel 30 rock imdb free download the syndication rights to the show, which began airing on both networks on September 19, ; [12] the series also entered into local broadcast syndication on the same day. The sequence remained mostly the same throughout the series, although changes were made to most of the actors’ images. This is also the season where the show made Primetime Продолжить Award history, being nominated for 22 awards. Trailer Better than Studio Photos